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A timeless icon among Rome's historic shops, since 1870

For over a century and a half, Schostal has been blending the timeless artistry of Italian tailoring with a forward-looking global perspective to create a range of fine clothing and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen.
Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the late nineteenth-century European Magazzini, Lazaro Bloch, owner and director, established one of the most renowned and fashionable retail stores on the bustling Via del Corso in Rome. A place destined for more than exclusive shopping, a melting pot of cultures and trends, where avant-garde innovations in fashion and marketing were forged.

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Since the early years of its activity, Schostal set out to revolutionize the shopping experience by introducing unique and imaginative approaches to customer service. Among its pioneering initiatives were paper catalogs with fixed prices, exquisitely hand-drawn illustrations, and daguerreotype photography - all of which were groundbreaking concepts for the fashion industry at the time. In addition, the company's sales policies included free home delivery and hassle-free returns for dissatisfied customers. This transformative shift in the traditional buying experience effectively reshaped the very pillars of customer loyalty.

As Schostal grew in popularity, new sale points emerged both within and beyond the Italian peninsula: from Milan to Palermo and even as far as Vienna and Odessa. The culmination of Schostal's success coincides with a momentous recognition: the company earns the title of official supplier to the Royal House and His Royal Highness the Duke of Aosta. From then on, the iconic crusader shield becomes a proud emblem that graces all of Schostal's advertising posters and graphics, marking its achievement throughout the twentieth century.

At the outset of the two world wars and amidst the unforgiving enforcement of racial legislation, Schostal's operations abruptly halted. However, Giorgio Bloch, the son of Lazaro, used his innovative thinking, courage, and business acumen to avert the complete shutdown and dismantling of the historic business. He presented a clever and unassailable argument to the fascist authorities, asserting that Schostal was not of Jewish origin, but rather a clever acronym for "Société Commerciale Hongroise Objets Soie Toile Articles Lainage."

The Schostal logo from its origins to the present.

In the tradition set forth by his grandfather, Lazaro, and father, Giorgio, Roberto Bloch leads the Rome storefront with elegance and vision. From the late 1960s until the turn of the millennium, he upheld the unwavering appeal of the Schostal brand, earning the loyalty and affection of Roman families and an ever-expanding and discerning international clientele.

In the early 2000s, as the market evolved into a global and fiercely competitive arena, with fast fashion conglomerates dominating the city's commercial panorama, Roberto Bloch entrusted his wife, Shirley Braine, and their young son, Andrew Bloch, with carrying on the family legacy.

Schostal's iconic storefront on Via del Corso underwent a significant change when it relocated to the charming location of Via della Fontanella di Borghese. The move preserved not only the store's shelves, counters, and fixtures but also its legendary charm and the extraordinary sense of community that had made shopping at Schostal a ritual for generations of Romans.

Andrew Bloch has embraced Schostal's rich legacy of international flair, classical taste, and bold innovation. As the driving force behind the brand's new direction, he oversees the online division, including the website and social media, while ensuring that Schostal's values endure and flourish in the modern era.

Drawing on Lazaro's visionary approach, Giorgio's keen aesthetic sense and innovative creativity, as well as Roberto's exceptional managerial expertise, Andrew and Shirley now uphold the mantle of excellence at every step of the production process, marking the culmination of a long and storied lineage of Bloch leaders. From the meticulous research and development of exquisite materials and fabrics crafted in Italy to the cutting-edge design and creation of garments featuring modern cuts, colors, and shapes, all the way through to seamless in-store and online sales and world-class customer care, their mission remains crystal clear yet exceptionally ambitious: to imbue contemporary fashion with a timeless, classical twist.